Krasimir Dachev, CTO at MobiSystems, reflects on a successful 2023

2023 was an incredible year for Mobisystems. Join CTO, Krasimir Dachev as he takes a look back at the successes, and what 2024 has in store.

At MobiSystems, we have achieved the remarkable milestone of surpassing 600 million installations of our products across mobile and desktop platforms worldwide. This gives us the rare perspective and outreach to multitude of users, cases and environments, enabling us to tailor our solutions to meet diverse needs and innovate continuously in the dynamic and evolving landscape of productivity applications.

Krasimir Dachev, CTO at MobiSystems

Navigating through the complexity of new technologies and fast industry developments through the past 2023 was nothing short of breathtaking, but also satisfying and fulfilling – we reached several major milestones, some of them fruitfully completing multi-year efforts, while others were necessary improvements, optimisations and often asked features.

The release of OfficeSuite for MacOS was just the beginning of our journey with Mac users – Documents and Sheets modules being the first ones – with the same user interface and functionality that you love on other platforms, with cross-platform licences already available, bringing our proven multitude of file formats support and ease of use into the Mac ecosystem.

Our PDFExtra added popular and long-sought file manipulation features, convenient and free online conversions and important UX, OCR and Scanning improvements to the already excellent PDF editing suite.

The popular Dictionaries & Translators business line completed and released multiplatform overhaul of the core that runs all apps, allowing for fast and optimised release cycle, that ultimately benefits its millions of active users by the ability to get new features quickly and simultaneously on all supported platforms.

In the whirlwind of progress that characterised 2023, the one groundbreaking technological advancement that stood out, leaving an undeniable mark on the tech landscape was of course the rapid development and democratisation of LLMs. Bringing their power to ordinary people and professionals alike, was a challenge that was finally able to bear fruit in the past year. Widely popular as AI, these language models are able to assist in numerous ways and not only altered our perception of what is possible, but also laid the foundation for a future filled with untold potential for faster and more optimal growth in every aspect.

MobiSystems released the first AI-backed features in our products in 2023, bringing affordable ways to use its huge potential to our clients, and we’ll continue to look forward to adding even more interesting and innovative features in 2024 – stay tuned!

Competing with the largest companies in the world, starting from a humble background, and achieving steady growth in the last 20 years, gives our company the unique perspective to the importance and the value of getting there with optimal effort and fine-tuned development processes, combined with bringing the right value to our customers at the right price. I’d like to thank our Engineering and Product teams for making this possible – as it is the greatest pleasure to work with bright and restless minds that seek constant improvement.

2023 was a great year for us at MobiSystems – millions of new installations, 5 star reviews and satisfied clients are testaments that we value and will continue to work restlessly forward – many thanks to our customers for their ongoing loyalty and trust in our technology and products. Looking ahead, we see efficiency, reliability and innovation as the key priorities across our applications, giving our users the ability to focus on what really matters: higher productivity and ease of use.

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